Helpful Advice On Raising Gifted Children

Helpful Advice On Raising Gifted Children


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If your child has been identified as gifted with a special talent, it is important to give him every opportunity to develop that special gift. It is probably your dream that he excel in his special talent. It is up to you to provide him with all the encouragement that he needs without pushing him. Read this article for valuable advice on how you can mold the education of your gifted child.

When you see the special talent in your child, it is important that you help him appreciate what he has. Whether it is a talent in music or other aspects of development, never push him into something that he does not want to pursue. Provide encouragement. Expose him to people who excel in that particular talent, and let him see what the potential can be. Get him involved with children of similar talents in a special class setting.

If your child has a high I.Q. but has not displayed a particular interest in anything, expose him to a wide variety of activities and observe what he likes to do. Read to him often. Take him to children’s museums where he can try hands-on activities in science and nature. Introduce music to him. By giving him the chance to try a wide selection of activities, you allow his natural talent to shine through.

Whatever your child shows interest in, focus on that. This is the best way to promote the most effective learning. When your child has an interest, he naturally opens his mind to learning all about that subject. Learning takes on quickly as your child absorbs new information. If your child is naturally strong in an area, build on that area. Enroll in classes to develop that talent. Speak with the instructors on the course of development.

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As your child is going through his education relating to his talent, observe his attitude and behavior. If you see your child showing signs of resistance or unhappiness about these lessons, ease up on these lessons. When you child is unhappy, it is difficult for him to learn and improve. The mind shuts down and does not want to learn. Pushing him to get over his unhappiness will only make things worse by making the learning experience unpleasant. You may want to discuss with him whether or not he still wants to take lessons. Speak to his teachers about it. Sometimes, it helps to give him a break from the special lessons and just have him focus on other basic schoolwork. If he still has interest, he will eventually return to his lessons.

The bottom line is never to push your child to excel. This can back fire and cause resentment in your child. You may want to speak to other parents who have raised gifted children if you are very concerned about your child’s behavior.

The best way to lead your child to develop to his fullest potential is by letting him choose what he wants to pursue. Consider the ideas presented in this article when you are formulating an education plan for your gifted child.


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