How to Know Your Limits When Raising A Gifted Child

How to Know Your Limits When Raising A Gifted Child


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It can be difficult to parent a child of normal intelligence and having a gifted child can make parenting twice as difficult. You need to nurture and cherish the gifts your special child has without pushing them too hard in the meantime. Gifted children need to be challenged and rewarded in a positive manner. This article will address a few ways that you can help your gifted child achieve all their potential in their life and future.

It is important for parents of gifted children to be able to tell the difference between nurturing and pushing their gifted children. Nurturing your gifted child means that you take your cues from your child. You should be able to identify genuine interests that your child has and gently steer him in the direction of those interests. Pushing is more adult centric and is more focused on what the parents would like the child to achieve rather than what the child would like to achieve. You should try to tell the difference between what your child wants and what you want for your child, which can be pushing.

You can look for things and activities that interest your child. There are many resources available in various types of communities that can help you find these things and activities. Museums and libraries are great places to discover new and exciting things for your child and are often very accessible. You can go to local parks and learn about botany or go to the local planetarium to encourage an interest in all things space. The important thing is to constantly challenge your gifted child to find new things to keep them occupied and interested and to avoid boredom.

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You have introduced your gifted child to new interests and now it is important to find the ones that interest them the most and help them to focus on them. Your child should be guided to explore these interests in ways that do not make them feel pressured but also do not let them just give up if they fail at first. Gifted children often have things come easy to them and get frustrated when they cannot pick up a new interest immediately. It is important for you to teach your gifted child that some things must be worked at to be achieved.

You should encourage your child to build and strengthen their current talents and abilities. If they are musically inclined you can help them by allowing them to try a variety of instruments or set up lessons for them so that they can improve on an instrument. Above all make sure that your gifted child keeps succeeding at what makes them happiest.

Raising a gifted child can be a special challenge. A good parent will walk the fine line between pushing their child and gently encouraging the natural abilities. This article addresses a few ways you can start helpfully parenting your gifted child.


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