How to Make Mobile Marketing Work For You

How to Make Mobile Marketing Work For You


Remember the days when making or getting a phone call meant having to track down a landline phone because they were the only phones available? Those days also meant that business didn’t take place in the car or on the plane or sitting at the airport because the communication methods weren’t as advanced. We no longer live in a stationary world.

We now have the benefit of taking business anywhere we are, which means that technology has advanced the way business is run and created a wide open space for anyone smart enough to put mobile marketing to work.

Mobile marketing is basically marketing that can be done on the latest technology such as mobile phones, blackberries, Google Android, iPod devices and more. Mobile marketing means that you have better access to potential customers and they have better access to you. Mobile marketing gives you, the marketer, the gift of accessibility that you can unwrap to increase profits. How can you do that?

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Potential customers can sign up to receive messages via their mobile devices. They sign up for these messages because they get some kind of benefit out of it. By using SMS (short message service), customers can get news about the latest product launch, deals that you’re about to offer, webinar alerts and more. If they decide they don’t want to receive anymore communication from a particular marketer, then all they have to do is opt out via an SMS message.

If you’ve ever seen the words ‘text to win’ in an advertisement on television, then that’s a form of mobile marketing. You might have seen a message flash that reads, “Text ABC Company to…” (followed by a string of numbers).

Those numbers are assigned to a company’s device in order to be able to send or receive SMS messages. You might think this advance in how you can conduct marketing will cost you more than you can afford, but there are monthly programs out there that can work even for the beginning marketer.

Keep in mind that mobile marketing isn’t just limited to text or codes. You can utilize a mobile marketing campaign that includes the same media style you’d use from a home computer such as video, audio and even pictures.


Some of the phones equipped with the latest technology advances have the capability to communicate via mobile marketing platforms. There is too much potential with mobile marketing for you not to join the throngs of marketers who are already putting this method to work and seeing the results.


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