The Ten Diet Foods You Can Lose Weight With

The Ten Diet Foods You Can Lose Weight With
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Diet is practically half of any weight loss plan. How many calories you take in is what combines with how many calories you burn to determine if you gain weight or lose it. Keep reading into the following paragraphs to learn the ten foods you should include in your diet for weight loss success.

Your proteins should all be lean. Chicken, turkey and even ham are all meats that are high in protein and low in calories. This helps you build muscle mass that burns calories and not the fat cells that store them.

Get your greens in. Dark, leafy greens are very low in calories, but remarkably high in nutrition and vitamins. Many are also great sources of minerals and fiber. The fiber helps you stay full and clean inside.

When you can, have negative calorie foods. Certain foods in low amounts, like celery, actually take more energy from your body to digest than you get out of them.

Go nuts for snacking. Nuts and seeds are very filling, high in protein in many cases, and sometimes a great source of fiber, vitamins and minerals. A handful of your favorite nuts can make a great snack that powers you to your next meal. Many nuts are a source of good fats that help your brain.

Egg whites are about five times better than whole eggs from a dietary standpoint. You get most of the nutrition and protein of the whole egg, but for a fraction of the calories. Eggs used to be frowned upon given their cholesterol, but recent research has started showing it to be the good cholesterol.

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Oats are the breakfast of champions for thin people. Steel cut, or rolled, this grain is a great cereal, but also a good source of carbs in lieu of simpler cousins that digest into sugar all too easily. Certain varieties can even make a decent source of protein too.

Beans, lentils and legumes are also a nutritional powerhouse. Short on calories but high in fiber, sometimes protein and other nutrients, beans are a versatile group in the number of dishes you can make with them. For recipe sources, look into the worlds of vegetarian, Indian or Mexican cooking for a million ideas.

Salmon is something that you should eat a few times a week. Daily is not recommended due to mercury levels, but this fish is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids that are perfect for your brain, nervous system and heart.


High-fiber fruits make great snacks. Apples in particular give you a little natural sugar rush for immediate energy, and then the fibers keep your hunger at bay until the next meal. In the meantime, you had very few calories and got some vitamins.

You do not have to give up pasta! Check out the whole wheat or grain variety of your favorite pasta and check the back for the nutritional information. You might be shocked how much protein there is in addition to the fiber.

If you want to start seeing your weight slink down immediately, pick the right foods. Try out the ten ideas presented in this article for success in weight loss.

Weight Loss Motivation BibleWomen should NEVER dietBuild up Your Healthy and Slim Body

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