Disclaimer: When you click a link it will go to an external website.  If you make (a) purchase(s) we may get compensated, at no extra cost to you, as an affiliate.  The cost will not be any less if you go through the travel agencies directly.  However, we feel we should reward you for going through us.

***How to Get The Bonus***

  1. Click the link.
  2. Make a purchase.
  3. Email us back your order information with the vendor:
  4. We will send you a free gift with the proof of purchase (for travel, it is usually an ebook – based on the place you are travelling to – unless you request a travel book for a different destination.  Let us know!).

***Question: How do I know if the purchase will go through Wikishopline Travel for the proof of purchase?***

Answer: When you click links (when doing a travel search for example), it will take you to another website.  For example, maybe you want to see a mountainous place that you may possibly visit… something like the picture below… and then you click it (the picture or words)

   Let’s check out New York!

If you click, it will take you to the page (in this example).  On the browser, it will look something long like this:

If you are successful, you a link like the one above.  After you make the purchase(s)  via the affiliate link, you would then email us ( the purchase order that was emailed to you by the vendor.  In turn, we will send you the ebook for the destination you have chosen (we will assume that you want a book for the place you are travelling to unless you tell us otherwise).

***Why a Free Gift?***

There are lots of places you could have gone to get your airfare, hotel, car rental, etc.  As a way of giving back, we offer a gift as a way of saying thank you for using our services.