Free Gift For Third-Party Downloads

Bonus Gift when purchasing downloads: an ebook related to the topics you are buying.


  1. Click the link from us on “Read More” button of the third-party you are downloading from and make the purchase.
  2. Email your receipt of purchase to us:
  3. Wait out the guaranteed waiting period, if there is one (depending on the site’s policy for moneyback guarantees. For example, 30-day, 60-day money back guarantee).  If you are happy with the product you bought and want to keep it, then move on to step 4.
  4. After the waiting period is done, we will send you the e-book.

That’s it!

Exclusions: Any travels tickets, physical products or any other prodcucts from eBay or Amazon (that includes downloads from those particular sites. (i.e. Amazon games, eBay ebooks, etc).

Only other third-party sites that sell downloads are applicable (Not eBay or Amazon’s physical or digital products, nor any travel tickets or physical products).

Questions: email us at: