Augmented Reality Guide From A to Z


A non-technical guide to the world of Augmented Reality.


The Most Comprehensive Introduction To Augmented Reality On The Web. Learn All About The History, Fundamentals, Enabling Technologies, Applications, How To Build Your Own Augmented Reality App And More



Augmented Reality Guide From A to Z
Augmented Reality Guide From A to Z


Augmented Reality Guide From A to Z
Augmented Reality Guide From A to Z

Get a Guided Tour Through the Concepts of Augmented Reality. Don’t Be Left Behind, Get Plugged in Now to the Emerging Technology!


Augmented Reality A to Z Guide – A Fundamental Guide to the World of Augmented Reality!


From: Scott R. Evans

Dear Reader,

It’s no secret as to how you ended up on our page today. As Augmented Reality has quickly become one of the hottest trends in technology, more people than ever are searching for answers to what exactly Augmented Reality is and how it really works. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and ultimately left behind by the rapid developments taking place every day. From it’s very onset, Augmented Reality developers set out to change the world, by manipulating how we interact with that world.

This eBook is the culmination of my long fascination with convergence of the physical and digital worlds, in addition to the fortune I’ve had as being the Managing Director of one of the most comprehensive news outlets on Augmented Reality on the web – AugmentedViews. Through my interactions on that website, I’ve seen Augmented Reality technology literally leap off my screen into the stratosphere becoming one of the most talked about, provocative and promising technologies of the 21st century!

There are several key factors which must be addressed for a thorough understanding of Augmented Reality technology. Bits and pieces here are there just doesn’t allow you to connect all of the dots. That is what this eBook has set out to do; Providing you with a ground-up, thorough introduction to the world of Augmented Reality and all of the basic compenents which come together to make it work. This eBook is not meant to be a technical handbook but rather an industry guide to understanding basic Augmented Reality theory and its many applications!

Learning what Augmented Reality actually means:

Augmented Reality technologies are so new, there is no central place online or elsewhere to get a full introduction to the principles of the technology and understanding of the emerging market, until now! The eBook helps you to know everything you want to know about what Augmented Reality is, where it came from and where it is going. Most of us have heard of and some even tried Augmented Reality applications, but only a few actually know what it really means.

Look no further than the carefully collected research DONE FOR YOU and packed into over 60 pages of text in “Augmented Reality A to Z Guide”! The language that has been used in the eBook makes it very easy to get a general understanding of the very complex processes which come together to create Augmented Reality. You, as a reader will find it very easy to follow along and comprehend subject matter that most people would think requires a Ph.D. in Computer Vision to understand! Each concept builds upon the next to show you all things that must be considered along with how all of the steps can lead to a working Augmented Reality software application.

As a reader, you will greatly benefit from the eBook. It will also make you ponder how you can use the technology to your benefit and perhaps even inspire some great ideas for how it can be applied in new ways! How fast the world is changing because of the emerging technology, it’s time for you to jump in before it’s too late! For those who need to know everything about Augmented Reality, I would suggest that you grab a copy of this eBook right NOW!

Augmented Reality A to Z Guide explains everything so logically that even beginners and more advanced developers will find it useful as a reference and guide to the world of Augmented Reality applications!

Here, take a sneak peek into what the eBook “Augmented Reality A to Z Guide” includes. Table of Contents from “Augmented Reality A to Z Guide” below-

The eBook offered by us is about the history, enabling technologies, current developments, industries and applications of Augmented Reality technology along with how you can develop your own simple mobile application. It will help the readers to understand where Augmented Reality came from, where developments are currently being made and where it is going. It will also help the readers to be enlightened on the different terms they may encounter and what it all means before attempting to create an Augmented Reality application on their own if they desire.

…Just take a look at the Table of Contents from “Augmented Reality A to Z Guide”!

  • 1.0 Augmented Reality: Definition and History

  • 1.1 Introduction

  • 1.2 History of Augmented Reality

  • 1.2.1Short AR Timeline

  • 2.0 Current Developments

  • 2.1 Enabling Technologies

  • 2.1.1 Displays

  • Handheld Displays

  • Projection Displays

  • Problematic Areas in AR Displays

  • 2.2 New Tracking Sensors and Approaches

  • 2.3 Environment Sensing

  • 2.3.1 Outdoor, Unprepared Environments

  • 2.4 Low Latency

  • 2.5 Calibration and Auto-Calibration

  • 2.6 User Interface and Interaction

  • 2.6.1 Visualization Problems

  • 2.6.2 Advanced Rendering

  • 2.7 Mediated Reality

  • 2.8 Photorealistic Rendering

  • 2.9 Human Factors Studies and Perceptual Problems

  • 2.9.1 Adaptation

  • 2.9.2 Fatigue and Eye Strain

  • 3.0 New Applications

  • 3.1 Mobile Applications

  • 3.2 Collaborative Applications

  • 3.3 Commercial Applications

  • 4.0 Future Work

  • 4.1 Technological Limitations

  • 4.2 User Interface Limitations

  • 4.3 Social Acceptance

  • 5.0 Industries Using AR

  • 5.1 Applications

  • 5.1.1 Navigation

  • 5.1.2 Sightseeing

  • 5.1.3 Military

  • 5.1.4 Medical

  • 5.1.5 Mechanical Technology

  • 5.1.6 Gaming

  • 5.1.7 Entertainment

  • 5.1.8 Advertising and Promotion

  • Wrigley’s 5 Gum®

  • Ray-Ban®

  • BMW Z4

  • Topps® 3D Live Trading Cards

  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

  • Doritos® Sweet Chili Chips

  • USPS Priority Mail Virtual Box Simulator

  • Lost Valentinos

  • Star Trek

  • 6.0 How AR and Computer Vision Works

  • 6.1 Tracking-by-Detection

  • 6.2 A Simple Classifier for Keypoint Recognition

  • 6.3 Relaxing the Need for Texture

  • 6.4 It Is Not Enough

  • 6.5 Handling Occlusions

  • 6.5.1 Subtraction Method

  • 6.5.2 Limitations

  • 7.0 Demonstration of AR: Practical Examples

  • 7.1 Yelp’s Monocle®

  • 7.2 Metro Paris

  • 7.3 London Bus

  • 7.4 District 9 – The Movie

  • 7.5 iTag Action Figures

  • 7.6 Layar

  • 7.7 TwittARound

  • 7.8 AR Business Card

  • 7.9 Wikitude Drive

  • 7.10 “A Twinkle in the Eye” Contact Lens

  • 8.0 Examples of AR Mobile Apps

  • 8.1 Layar

  • 8.2 Wikitude – World Browser

  • 8.3 Weather Reality

  • 8.4 3D AR Compass App

  • 8.5 Wikitude Drive

  • 8.6 Theodolite

  • 8.7 Spyglass

  • 8.8 Tweeps Around

  • 8.9 Golfscape GPS Rangefinder

  • 9.0 Developing AR Mobile Apps Using Open Source Libraries and Tools on the Internet

  • 9.1 Some Open Source Libraries and Platforms for Developing AR Apps

  • 9.1.1 Mobilizy

  • 9.1.2 Layar

  • 9.1.3 TwittARound

  • 9.1.4 Enkin for Android

  • 9.1.5 Apple®

  • 9.2 Open Source Libraries

  • 9.3 Developing AR Mobile App Using Layar

  • 9.3.1 Prerequisites

  • 9.3.2 Development

  • 9.3.3 At Layar Site

  • 9.3.4 Server-side

  • 9.3.5 Testing

  • 9.3.6 Publishing

  • 10.0 Glossary of Important Terms

  • 11.0 Bibliography and References


Augmented Reality A to Z Guide Helps You To Understand How Augmented Reality is Created and Which Applications are Catching On..Upon Download,You’ll Receive These Virtually Immediate Benefits!


  • First, learn all about where Augmented Reality came from, how it developed and how it got to where it is today.
  • Know all about the current developments and what enabling technologies can be leveraged to create functional augmented reality. You may think that software is the only key component to producing Augmented Reality applications, but hardware also plays an important part. Additionally, learn about what types of things can hinder Augmented Reality applications from being useful or functional.
  • Find out where the trends are currently in development of new Augmented Reality applications. You’ll be able in the know with what types of applications are currently in demand.
  • Ever think about the future of Augmented Reality and where it may go from here? Of course you have! Get up to speed on what types of things are holding up progress and where you can step in!
  • Tons of industries are already beginning to embrace Augmented Reality technologies. Know what these industries are, how they’re using it and specific examples of the types of applications that are taking hold.
  • Learn about the different methods and techniques that are employed in Computer Vision and Augmented Reality technologies. Know what works and what doesn’t when creating Augmented Reality.
  • Know what types of Augmented Reality applications are the most popular and what they do. This will help you to have a more thorough understanding of the technology and where it is making its mark in today’s world.
  • The mobile industry has quickly become the largest consumer base for Augmented Reality applications. Learn about the most popular Augmented Reality apps to lead the pack and why they are so highly embraced.
  • Want to learn to develop your own mobile apps? Know which open source libraries and platforms are the best to develop upon! In addition, with our step-by-step tutorial, you can try your hand at a simple mobile app!
  • There are many new terms that you’ll likely encounter in your journey into the Augmented Reality space. We’ve provided a thorough glossary of these terms that you can refer back to anytime!
  • And much, much more!!!

In addition, look at what other people have said about the eBook!

"This ebook had valuable information I was not able to find anywhere else. It was easy to read. Almost anyone can understand the concepts as it was well written and thorough. It's definitely been a big help to me as part of my own ongoing research. There is just nothing else like it that breaks it down on these terms."

-Dan B., NM

"This was my first time being introduced to Augmented Reality and I have learned more in one sitting than most probably have in years. I've included this ebook in my archives and plan to continue researching this topic. I have already shared it with my daughter who is a college student and she passed it on to her professor. Very good reading!"

-Marilyn Z., FL

"I have always been curious about Augmented Reality. It took me some time before I decided to read the book, but when I did I could not put it down. I wish more people had access to this kind of information."

-Alex P., FL

If you’re looking for a quick read which lays it all out there and describes in detail the many ways that Augmented Reality can be applied, get your hands on “Augmented Reality A to Z Guide” today, the truth may surprise you!

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Augmented Reality Guide From A to Z
Augmented Reality Guide From A to Z


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Augmented Reality Guide From A to Z
Augmented Reality Guide From A to Z


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Augmented Reality Guide From A to Z
Augmented Reality Guide From A to Z


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Augmented Reality Guide From A to Z
Augmented Reality Guide From A to Z


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Augmented Reality Guide From A to Z
Augmented Reality Guide From A to Z



You won’t be disappointed. Remember, I’m offering this eBook with a personal 60-DAY 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE if you decide that it is not for you!



Augmented Reality Guide From A to Z
Augmented Reality Guide From A to Z


Welcome to the New Reality,

Augmented Reality Guide From A to Z
Augmented Reality Guide From A to Z

Scott R. Evans


Augmented Reality Guide From A to Z
Augmented Reality Guide From A to Z

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