Customized Carb Cycling Solution – Ketogenic Detox Trick


Burns Fat Faster, Builds Ripped Muscle And Takes Your Physique To The Next Level.


This Revolutionary New System Burns Fat Faster, Builds Ripped Muscle And Takes Your Physique To The Next Level Without Giving Up Any Of Your Favorite Foods

See our Article on Food Recipes:

Wholesome Recipes with Big Flavor

Attention: Men & Women OVER 50 who’ve been told to exercise and STOP eating carbs to lose weight…

Do this “Ketogenic Detox Trick” Before Breakfast to Burn 1.2lbs daily and Flatten your Belly Fast Without Starving Yourself or Exhaustive Exercise.

And Yet 99% of So-Called Weight Loss Experts Have NEVER heard of this Morning “Keto” Detox Trick that flushes fat-trapping toxins to burn more belly fat



Customized Carb Cycling Solution - Ketogenic Detox Trick
Customized Carb Cycling Solution – Ketogenic Detox Trick

I need to get something off my chest…

The Ketogenic diet sucks!

I know it’s the newest diet craze…

I know that over 100,000 people have lost literally MILLIONS of pounds of fat…

I know women and men over 45 are using Keto to finally burn away unsightly belly fat and revealing the slender, youthful body underneath…

…even, in many cases, after failing on other diets for years.

Bottom-line… both you and I know Keto works!

But if you’ve ever tried it… then you also know the other side

The late nights tossing and turning in bed while hunger pangs growl in your stomach…

The nagging headaches driving into your brain…

The guilty feeling of finding yourself surrounded by candy wrappers when your carb cravings finally OVERWHELMED YOU!



So Yeah… The Ketogenic Diet Works…


But who wants to live without a fresh, hot slice of brick oven pizza layered with gooey cheese?

Who wants to go through life without being able to sit down to a bowl of creamy pasta and a big piece of piping hot Italian bread?

And for God’s sake… who doesn’t enjoy the rich, sweet experience of an oven-warm chocolate chip cookie every now and again?

Everybody wants a flat tummy, a healthy body, and the youthful energy levels of their mid 20s.

But not at the cost of everything you enjoy eating.

If you know the fat-burning power of the Ketogenic diet but struggle to give up your favorite foods and stick to the rigid plan…

If you’ve ever felt “there has to be a better way…”

Then keep reading because today, for the first time in HISTORY…

You can finally get all the benefits of Ketosis…

Without suffering through headaches and late night carb cravings!

It’s a little “Ketogenic diet hack” based on cutting edge research…It forces your body to switch on a blast furnace of fat-burning power and visibly reveal a leaner figure…

This simple, “Detox” trick directs your metabolism to remain in ketosis much longer after a meal…

…commanding your body to be a “fat burner” instead of a “sugar burner”…

So that you can quickly drop 3 dress sizes or snug your belt up 2 notches or more… practically and predictably…

While you still enjoy late night snacks and all your favorite comfort foods…

And with little to no exercise!

In fact, this proven diet method works even better with less exercise not more!

Imagine Dropping 2.4 Lbs In As Little As 6 Hours With A Simple 9 Second Daily Ritual…

Then doing it again on day 2…

And again on the 3rd day…

Looking at the scale in disbelief, as over 6 pounds seem to have vanished into thin air.

At first you think, “it must just be water weight…”

But then, you look in the mirror and see a visible reduction in fat around your belly, thighs, and bum.

It’s subtle, sure… but you finally feel the rush of excitement that comes with real success.

Your friends will wonder how you did it.

Is it a breakthrough medication?

Did you get lap-band surgery?

Did you discover a miracle fat-loss pill that actually delivers on its promises?

Just 6 weeks In, You’re a Brand New Person…


You look like stepped out of a time machine that sent you back 20 years or more.

Your knees and back no longer hurt, you don’t have belly bloat pushing against your chest, making it uncomfortable to sit.

And the best part is… the dread of having to get on the scale keeps turning into joy…

Despite the fact that you’re waking up on Sunday morning and eating fluffy buttermilk pancakes dripping with butter and maple syrup.

You’re able to enjoy bread when you go out to eat with your friends.

You even occasionally treat yourself to a bowl of ice cream late at night while you watch TV.

And instead of guilt or anxiety about sending your insulin soaring, signaling your body to store every calorie you consume.

You feel relaxed and confident, knowing that…

Your 9-Second Morning Ritual Is Forcing Your Body To Release Fat Throughout The Day

I know it sounds crazy and goes against EVERYTHING you’ve likely heard about dropping belly fat fast.

And I’ll admit… before I carefully read and then re-read the research myself…

I wouldn’t have believed it either!

Even after I carefully pored through the research, it seemed too good to be true.

So I had to try it for myself.

I performed this 9-Second Trick with a simple kitchen spice, which is NOT capsaicin or turmeric by the way…

Then the next morning I climbed on the scale and when I saw the number…

My Jaw Hit The Floor!

My name is Matt, and I NEVER expected to write an article like this.

But after seeing all the myths and lies peddled by the “health and fitness” industry…

After seeing people continue to fail with all the latest diet crazes and being impossibly frustrated with runaway cravings that seemed to sabotage their progress…

I realized that I couldn’t stay silent in good conscience for another second.

Today… I’ll tell you the crazy story about how a 98-year old woman accidentally revealed this “9-Second Secret” to me…

I’ll explain how a groundbreaking study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition proves this “Detox Trick” works like nothing else on the planet…

You’ll discover why this trick works great for folks in their 40s… and even better for people over 50

And I’ll even tell you which Hollywood stars are strategically using this simple “Ketogenic Detox” method to cheat on their diets 2-3 times a week with ZERO guilt.

And how you too can…

You can flatten your belly FASTER than you ever imagined possible by using this simple 9-second “Ketogenic Detox Trick” before breakfast…


You can literally prolong ketosis and stop storing body fat as early as tomorrow morning and reverse your metabolism to “overdrive” fat burning…

All you have to do is do this little-known trick I learned from the one of the most unlikely places…

I learned this from my 98 year old grandmother from Ecuador.

However, before we get to that – Let me show you some of the results people are seeing…

Look at Renee Who saw a visible change her belly in 11 days and Started Feeling Better and Waking Up Leaner Immediately.


Customized Carb Cycling Solution - Ketogenic Detox Trick
Customized Carb Cycling Solution – Ketogenic Detox Trick

Renee is 57 years old!  I know.  She looks amazing now doesn’t she?

“I’m still amazed that, that at my age I was able to defy the odds of getting into photo shoot shape like I was in my 20’s in such little time…

My clothes fit better…

My belly had completely transformed, and my love handles were completely gone after just weeks…

And I have so much energy and vitality going into my 60’s”




Is EATING this a MISTAKE on the Ketogenic Diet?


This is a fatty cut of steak bacon and eggs…

Customized Carb Cycling Solution - Ketogenic Detox Trick
Customized Carb Cycling Solution – Ketogenic Detox Trick

Think it’s great for getting you into “ketosis” fat-burning mode?

Think again…

In fact, most people think this is how you’re supposed to eat to force your body into ketosis and get the massive fat-burning benefits many millions of people are seeing.

Think again, it’s WRONG!

At least it’s not the complete truth you see…

It’s a protein loaded meal that’s often TOO HIGH in protein.

And it might be putting your ketogenic fat-loss efforts to a screeching halt….

Doing the OPPOSITE of what you’ve been told!

Now Listen, for any of these breakthrough strategies to work, you need to have a full understanding of the ONE Master Fat Loss Hormone that controls fat burning.

And when you do…

This will make so much more sense.

In the NEWS we’ve been hearing many celebs experience this “Ketosis Weight Loss Miracle” from people such as Halle Berry, Vanessa Hudgen, Megan Fox, Kourtney Kardashian, and Victoria Secret model, Ariana Lima.

There’s something they’re NOT telling you.

For decades, it’s almost like we’ve been lied to. We’ve been sold the low carb diet craze.

That simply cutting carbs and eating more meats would kick your body into ketosis.

Here’s what’s really happening.

They’re ruining your metabolism and knocking your body out of ketosis, putting a screeching halt to the ketogenic cycle and actually making you feel like complete total trash.

Leaving you tired, lethargic, and forcing your body to store more and more fat around your belly – day after day.

When it comes down to it, you’re almost better off counting calories and buying microwave meals (but please don’t do this).

This is all because of a cascade of hormonal issues that are happening in your body that are telling your body to STOP burning fat for fuel.

After visiting this topic with the members of my gym and the thousands of clientele we’ve had over the last 18 years…

I’ve made some very important discoveries along the way that have helped these men and women lose pounds of frustrating fat in just weeks.

The problem is that there’s just ONE thing that’s holding you back…

And it’s probably simpler than you think…

But the reality is that your ongoing efforts may be making this worse, day by day.

No matter how hard you try.

No matter how consistent you are.


You Don’t Need To Give Up Carbs

Customized Carb Cycling Solution - Ketogenic Detox Trick
Customized Carb Cycling Solution – Ketogenic Detox Trick

Most low carb “gurus” have it completely wrong when it comes to burning belly fat after 40.

You don’t need to give up carbs…

You don’t need to give up your favorite foods forever…

And you definitely don’t need to exercise for endless hours…

You’re about to discover a brand NEW fat-burning formula that works for ANYONE at ANY age in ANY physical condition by doing a few simple fat-burning “food tricks” that melt away every last ounce of frustrating fat from your body no matter how much you have to lose.


Regular Dieting and Exercise Does NOT Work for Women and Men Over 40…Instead You Should Eat MORE and Exercise LESS

The truth is when it comes to burning fat and losing weight, traditional exercise does NOT work as you get older…

How many times have you seen the same people running on the treadmill day after day, week after week, month after month at the gym and yet their body ALWAYS looks the same…

And don’t get me started on all the “low-fat” diet foods and eating rice cakes and bland tasting meals like chicken and broccoli every night for dinner….

You’re depriving yourself of the foods you love and if you’re miserable all the time your body picks up on it and holds onto every last ounce of stubborn fat instead of burning it off…

You see, you the key to get the flat and firm belly you desire is eating MORE of the right fat-burning foods that taste delicious so you’ll never feel hungry for a single second…

And exercising LESS because the constant pounding your body takes with most of the popular workouts today does way more harm than good.

In fact you can turn on your body’s #1 super fat-burning hormone that can flow throughout your body all day long burning up fat for fuel with just a few simple movements that ANYONE can do…

But before we get to that, I have to tell you…

You Must Absolutely AVOID These 3 Ketosis Killing Mistakes that FORCE FAT to Pile on your belly Faster, EVEN if you eat ZERO CARBS

1. The Truth About Cutting Carbs

Listen: Cutting carbs does cause weight loss, but it’s not permanent. To make matters worse, doing this without the proper planning will make you feel like total crap. You don’t deserve to feel like this but tell me…

Do these “weight loss tips” sound familiar to you?

  • Bread makes you fat, you must cut out all bread
  • Don’t eat carbs past 6pm
  • Cut out Fruits…

This false information is causing more harm and confusion than good. They circulate the fitness and health industry, but the reality is that they’re misinformed…


You can simply avoid these Carb Cutting PItfalls by taking in the 9-second “Keto Detox Trick” so that you can still enjoy your favorite foods while helping you:

  • Reduce stomach inflammation so you no longer have an acid filled stomach from eating loads of protein.
  • Absorb more protein even while eating less because your gut health is improved and the enzymes in your body work better.
  • Having better insulin sensitivity so that you store carbs in your muscle, not your fat cells.
  • Enjoy increased energy because the food you eat – gets used properly.

2. Avoid Eating TOO MUCH Protein

Want to drop weight quickly? Just eat more protein right?

How about 10 pounds, that means eat EVEN MORE protein to increase your metabolism? Have you heard that?

It’s what many trainers and health experts say because of the increased calorie burn and thermic effect, but Unfortunately, the drastic increase in meat forces your body to Fight back against your ketogenic efforts, making your metabolism become a fat magnet.

Then your energy gets drained and your body clings to stubborn fat – NOT good.

Here’s the MAJOR problems with Eating TOO MUCH Protein:

  • Kidney Damage Risk Although I’m an advocate of high protein, it is possible to have too much.
  • Water Loss Weight Makes you feel crappy and dehydrates your muscles so they can’t function 100%
  • Kills Energy When your protein intake is too high, you’ll experience “metabolic confusion” now this might sound like a good thing but it’s not. Your body doesn’t want to protein as energy.
  • Not Normal There’s a condition called Rabbit Starvation and although it’s rare and unlikely to happen, it’s biological proof that your body doesn’t want to eat too much protein, especially lean protein.


Your body has 2 main sources that it PREFERS to use. Carbs and Fat. Because these are the preferential sources for your metabolism, your body has a tough time getting into “protein burning mode.” So what you must do is Eat LESS Protein and either increase MORE FAT or MORE CARBS. There’s more to this story but I’m glad you’re reading this because most people don’t realize it.

3. Dangerous Health Deficiency: Hyponatremia

Cutting carbs, eating more protein and gobbling up truck loads of fat puts you into ketosis right? Well one of the WORST downfalls of the getting into ketosis is salt.

It’s not that that people eat too much, it’s actually THE OPPOSITE.

This is known as Hyponatremia

Not enough salt is just one of the many issues that people face who aim for rapid weight loss with a ketogenic diet. In fact…

You actually start to deplete other minerals that have to do with regulating your heart and helping you relax…. Magnesium and Potassium.

This is due to a MINERAL DEFICENCY that can have SERIOUS consequences.

These are the Symptoms of Hyponatremia:

  • Confusion or memory loss
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Drowsiness or very low energy
  • Slurred speech or mumbling
  • Slow, shallow breathing
  • Shivering

Although your body has an amazing capacity to adapt, which is what makes your body so resilient…

It still needs these essential minerals.


If you want rapid weight loss without the side effects the best thing to do is to make sure you supplement with the minerals you’re lacking. All the more reason that certain morning routines consists of smoothies and drinks that allow you to get adequate nutrition.

Staying ahead of potential issues is really what it’s all about. I’m not here to sell you supplements. A lot of this stuff you can get fairly cheap in any grocery store, or if you’re like me, I always prefer whole, natural foods.

Something as simple as eating more spinach can help, but most people are too busy to keep this up everyday so I opt for a mix of both supplements and food.

Either way, as you can see, most diets leave you with nutritional deficiencies and need you to overcompensate in other areas to just make up for the diet doesn’t factor in.

The Ketogenic Diet Misinformation is Spreading and Following it is Making Your Metabolism Worse, Making Your Belly Bigger Year After Year.

Customized Carb Cycling Solution - Ketogenic Detox Trick
Customized Carb Cycling Solution – Ketogenic Detox Trick

I know this can be very frustrating as there is so much misleading information out there in the media these days with gurus and so-called trainers taking your money for a quick buck.

But you must understand two things:

  • It’s NOT your Fault.
  • There is a SOLUTION for you.
  • If you’re here reading this right now, we know you want the SOLUTION – Badly
  • We also know that it’s NOT that you don’t want to put in the work to get the results.
  • And we certainly know that it’s NOT that you don’t desire and deserve what seems to be a miracle flat belly and do so without having to kill yourself in the process with extreme measures.

It’s simply that have NOT been told about the most important factors that are holding you back, and working AGAINST your system that are preventing you from burning fat instead of storing it on your belly…

…However, today you can have the sense of hope again as you’ll finally discover…

The “Keto Detox Trick” Miracle Drink Keeps You in Ketosis Longer and Ignites Your Metabolism Into Overdrive, Giving You A Flatter Belly and Firmer Body, Regardless Of Your Age Or How Much Weight You Have To lose

  • You do NOT have to join some all-out back breaking workouts that are going to ruin your joints and set you back further with injuries.
  • You do NOT have to make time for “2-a-day-workouts” with fasted cardio in the am and then weights at night – who has time for that?
  • NO High-Volume Bodybuilding Workouts will need to be done for 60-minutes per day.
  • You’re going to feel “healthy”, and NOT like hungry all the time going forward.
  • Finally you can enjoy continuous weight loss and NOT hit the dreaded diet plateau before reaching your first real milestone.
  • Your body will become adapted to burning fat for fuel, and NOT sugar all the time.
  • I’ll have you learn how you can eat your favorite foods and NEVER store them as belly fat.

BELIEVE or not, even if you’ve NEVER lifted a weight in your entire you have muscle on your body that KNOWS how to burn fat as fuel and…

When you drink this Keto Detox Soda you will FORCE your body to become more INSULIN SENSITIVE, triggering your brain to send an instruction set to rest of your body to use a HIGHER PERCENTAGE of STORED body fat as  fuel by shifting them into your muscle cells.

Yep…you heard that right…

Don’t Burn Carbs, Don’t Burn Sugar, but Burn Stored Belly Fat!


All you have to do is this NEW “Keto Detox Trick”  first thing in the morning to flatten your belly faster than you ever imagined possible…

While most experts would have you believe that in order to find your firm belly underneath that layer of fat, you need to slash the calories, stop eating fruit, sugar, stay away from gluten, have no carbs after dinner, and pop some crazy diet pills…

Really? Is that the best answer for you and “everyone” else…

It will NEVER work long term – trust me.

It simply make you miserable and no fun to be around…

And that’ no way to live life.

The truth is, your Master Carb Hormone is what’s killing your fat loss results and all you need to do is turn it OFF so that you can finally get the flat and firm belly you desire and deserve with this simple morning trick that ANYONE can do.

Start Melting Away Pounds Of Fatty Flesh From Your Belly in Just Days From Now And Realize That You Can Start Owning Your Health and Happiness With A Very Simple Approach That…

Controls Your Carb Storing and Waste Expanding Hormone Without Spending Hours On The Treadmill.

  • If you want a flatter belly FASTER than you ever thought possible, then you should absolutely AVOID doing long, boring cardio that kills your metabolism and ruins your joints.
  • Just imagine waking up tomorrow morning, looking in the mirror to visibly SEE a smaller waist and flatter belly that’s more firm to the touch.
  • And the good news is, you can start seeing results in LESS than 24 hours with this simple 9-second “cinnamon cider” trick you can do before work tomorrow morning.
Customized Carb Cycling Solution - Ketogenic Detox Trick
Customized Carb Cycling Solution – Ketogenic Detox Trick

ANYONE, Can Significantly Flatten Their Belly, Improve Health, and Increase Energy.

  • Restrictive diets that strip away nutrients, slash calories and have you work more and eat less, aren’t really addressing the problems you need fixed.
  • Picture a diet where you can enjoy the lean body life, while having a full array of delicious and satisfying carbs you’ve always loved… It’s like having your cake and eating it too…
  • By adding in the simple formula each day with brief bouts of exercise you’ll feel more energized than ever and watch your waist shrink each week.

Literally STOP Fat Storage and Melt Away Excess Fat, Week After Week Without Fail.

  • By ensuring that your body’s hormonal mechanisms are functioning properly, energy sources like fat have no chance at being stored around your waist.
  • When you can relax, eat food and enjoy the experience while having a slim waist, it’s the ultimate sign that you’re in control of your body and life.
  • By following the simple, yet critical steps I have for you, you’ll ensure that you’re body has no option but to shape and form the sculpted physique you’ve always wanted.

So What Exactly Is This Flat Belly Solution That’s Helping Women and Men Turn OFF Their “Master Carb Hormone” and Quickly See and Feel Noticeable Changes Within Just Days?

I’d Like To Introduce To You…

Keto Detoxification Metabolizer

The Only 21-Day Firm Belly Fat Loss Blueprint For Men & Women Who Want A Life Full of Vigor, Free Of Stress, and Overflowing Energy.

So why is Keto Detoxification Metabolizer the fastest and most fail proof way of gaining control over your Master Carb Hormone and stripping off body fat, without doing long workouts, popping diet pills and and crash diets?

It’s because you “hack” your most powerful hormone to dramatically improve your insulin sensitivity and blood sugar management, while being able to eat and enjoy your most delicious and satisfying carbohydrates as you lose weight and get healthy fast…

You see, after 40, for those who choose to not deal with blood sugar and insulin sensitivity issues become statistics of:

  • Depression
  • Emotional disorders
  • Lost productivity
  • Increased sick time
  • Increased medical bills
  • Increased insurance rates
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Memory issues
  • Downregualted brain activity
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • And more…
Customized Carb Cycling Solution - Ketogenic Detox Trick
Customized Carb Cycling Solution – Ketogenic Detox Trick

Regardless Of Your Age Or Gender, You Can End Your Struggle With Insulin Resistance and Carbohydrate Intolerance For Good…

While Experiencing The Newfound Excitement Of Finally Revealing A Thinner Waist, Flatter Stomach And More Defined Body When You Look In The Mirror Each Day.

  • You will NEVER have to spend 60+ minutes in the gym
  • You will NEVER have to starve yourself
  • You will NEVER have to count every single calorie like you have nothing else to do
  • You WON’T have to void your diet of tasty carbohydrates for prolonged periods of time like most fat loss diets suggest

All You Need To Do Is One Simple Trick Before You Eat To Start Looking And Feeling Amazing In Just Days That:

  • Takes just minutes per day and is so simple that you’ll wonder why you didn’t learn about this sooner.
  • Works for everyone who’s trying to lose stubborn belly fat that’s caused from insulin resistance and carbohydrate intolerances that most think are cured with low-carb diets.
  • Works regardless of how much weight you need to lose or how long you’ve been in that “overweight” state.

Who Am I and How Did I Discover This NEW Fat-Burning Formula For ANYONE Over 40?

My name is Matt…

I seem to be “that guy” that all my gym members, friends and family members seem to recommend when someone they know is in some type of health and fitness crisis…

And I truly appreciate their warm trust in me… But what I’ve realized is that people need the straight up answers that are going to make for change NOW.

Nobody wants to wait weeks or even months just to lose a few pounds…

So, when I get a hold of people, and shake them with my tips and tricks that have them seeing results in just days, and feeling like a rockstar after learning just a few golden nuggets, it’s no wonder people keep going instead of waiting ‘till Monday to “try again”.

I like to get the train moving and keep it going full steam ahead, just like I did with Mindi…


Customized Carb Cycling Solution - Ketogenic Detox Trick
Customized Carb Cycling Solution – Ketogenic Detox Trick

“I highly recommend doing Matt’s program, not only to obtain your goals, but also to acquire the knowledge you can use to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life.”

– Mindi Lachine

How A Trip To Ecuador To Visit My Wife’s 99 Year Old Grandma Led To The Shocking Discovery Of These Odd Flat Belly Secrets And Keto Drink Ingredients

Back in 2015 I took a trip to Ecuador with my wife for a solid month to visit her family and most importantly her 98 year old Grandma who lived in a small village, Giron…

Talk about a warm, peaceful and beautiful place up in the mountains.

On the first day visiting, we arrived early in the morning before breakfast only to find Nubbia’s Grandma, who lives all by herself, waiting patiently for us to arrive.

She had fresh ground coffee brewing (ground from her own coffee tree’s) for us while she sat there drinking a tea of some sort before we ate…

I noticed her counter top had what appeared to be several herbs, plants and cinnamon bark that she had ground up…

My wife pointed out, to my curiosity, what her Grandma had used all those ingredients for…

That’s what she made her tea with…

Now, back in North America, we’re all used to everything bagged, pre-packaged, and done-for-you.

This whole scene in her Grandma’s home was so foreign to me, but so interesting.

So I asked, “what does she drink that tea blend for?”

My wife asked her Grandma…

She replied in Spanish as she was putting a whopping tablespoon of fresh sugar, straight from the growing sugar plantations just a few miles away….

“This tea keeps me young and allows me to have the sweetness in my life that I enjoy so much…”

MY JAW DROPPED! I Felt Like I Had Stumbled Upon a “Miracle Detox” That Lead To My Biggest Breakthrough As A Weight Loss Coach…

For Men And Women Who Want Amazing Results With LESS Exercise While Still Enjoying The Foods They Love

Customized Carb Cycling Solution - Ketogenic Detox Trick
Customized Carb Cycling Solution – Ketogenic Detox Trick

One thing we know for sure is controlling blood sugar will keep your body healthy. It makes it easier to burn fat and keep energy levels stable and…

Although we can’t say for sure, my wife’s 98 year old Grandmother has been using it for years and she’s been consistent her whole life.

She’s the example of discipline and routine. She drinks this everyday and what makes her amazing to me is she’s totally independent, 100% coherent and sharp as a tack.

It keeps her energy up and helps her stay young.

This is what scares me to death…

Recently I had a client’s father lose his driver’s license, labeled as “unsafe to drive” by dmv and also his mother forgot she moved into an assisted living facility.

Did you know that Alzheimer’s is considered to be Type 3 Diabetes? A 3rd kind of diabetes that infects your brain and…

The latest study to look at the effects of blood sugar levels on the brain has found that high glucose concentrations can lead to an increase of beta amyloid plaques suggesting that Alzheimer’s disease may actually be a third form of diabetes.


She Wasn’t Just Any Normal 98 year old Grandma.


I was in shock at her amazing health and the way these people lived…

No wonder it’s the number one place for people to retire, everyone lives longer healthier lives in Ecuador.

After having my wife translate to me why her family had all been using various herbal blends, teas, and so on for just about everything you could think of…

I thought, wow, we are so living the modern life…

We’re so dependant on unnatural remedies for EVERYTHING.

But we don’t have to be…

My wife’s family from Ecuador was living proof.

When I got back to the nearest wifi area for gringos who need to “stay connected” while traveling, I started devouring the research on all these plant based remedies for weight loss, energy, blood sugar management, and overall health.

After just a few days of researching…

I finally understood that I needed to get this information out to more people who’re literally killing themselves with today’s over the counter remedies for weight loss.

It happened, I tested these blends out on myself and a few close clients who thought I was just coming off a travel high from Ecuador…

And it worked!

To my amazement, these seemingly secret combinations and blends were the “natural ingredients” to remedy a flatter tummy, smaller waist and toned body.

As soon as we tested this out on the first group of clients, the results were amazing.


“When You See That 25 pounds and 14-inches Lost It Really Does Look Like Something!”

Customized Carb Cycling Solution - Ketogenic Detox Trick
Customized Carb Cycling Solution – Ketogenic Detox Trick

Stacey is a wonderful wife and stay at home Mom of 4 children…

Like most moms, she always put everyone before herself. But this eventually started weighing on her – literally.

She came to me in hopes of finding a weight loss solution that could fit her hectic mom/wife schedule and be sustainable….

“When you see that 25 pounds (and 14″) lost really does look like something!”


And now, starting as early as tomorrow morning, you too can start enjoying the slim belly secrets that are holding so many people back from having the flat and firm belly they desire and deserve.

Introducing: Keto Detox Drink

The Only Herbal Flat Belly Solution Guaranteed For Men & Women Over 40 To Turn Off Your Master Carb Hormone & Significantly Flatten Your Belly, Improve Your Health and Increase Your Energy

Customized Carb Cycling Solution - Ketogenic Detox Trick
Customized Carb Cycling Solution – Ketogenic Detox Trick

WAIT! You Qualify For The 70% Pre-Sale Discount…
(Applying Now)


I’m very excited to get this Keto Detoxification into your hands because Men and Women over 40 need this natural remedy route more than ever…

On this path, your health is restored, and your body transformation goals are fully realized and achieved…

Your life is full of vigor, free of stress, and overflowing with energy…

The kind of energy you need to spend with your family, your children, and your most cherished relationships…

It’s the path that allows you to enjoy and experience the things that you love most in life, like pizza, bread, pasta, and dessert like a normal person over 40.

Keto “Boosting” Miracle is a 21-day metabolism boosting, “fast results” driven system that uses a combination of herbal blends that I learned about while down in Ecuador…

To flatten your belly fast, take control of body, your health, and ultimately your life’s path, without ever having to starve yourself thin or work yourself like a slave to the gym…

So if you’re sick and tired of disappointment, frustration, weight gain and increased health risks as your blood sugar issues and insulin sensitivity continue to wreak havoc on your body, then…

You’re probably in dire need of these little known “Keto Detoxification” secrets that work for ANYONE at ANY age in ANY shape or size to turn off your master carb hormone and literally melt away 4-7 pounds immediately while enjoying your most delicious and favorite foods.

Here’s What’s Included When When You Grab The Lean Belly Detox Today!

21-Day Lean Belly Blueprint

  • This is where it starts – Education and an Easy-To-Use Lifestyle Eating Plan!
  • Get ready to absolutely turn your metabolism into overdrive and crank up your internal fat burning furnace!
  • This manual breaks down some very basic and scientific concepts that every other diet plan fails to tell you.
  • We’ve simplified how you can add the Cinnamon Cider Recipe, and Lean Belly Metabolizer into your daily life so that you can enjoy your favorite foods without gaining fat.
  • Learn exactly when to eat certain foods so that you maximize fat loss, increase energy and feel amazing.

14 Tricks To A Leaner Belly In Just 7-Days

  • Make the most of your day with my special N.E.A.T principles to help you always be in a fat burning state.
  • Learn how to easily incorporate more fat burning opportunities in your day and NOT spend any more time in the gym.
  • Build on each new weight loss habit from day to day and learn how you can easily, safely and progressively lose weight from adding a few fat burning recipes and simple habits in this guide.

Women’s 5-Minute Lean Belly Total Body Workouts

  • In just 5-minutes per day, you’ll start feeling more energy, notice increased muscle tone and a flatter belly.
  • These are Low impact Fat Burning Workouts, specifically designed for women that will maximize your hormones and place you in fat burning mode!
  • These follow along workouts are designed to maximize your time so that you can easily implement 5-minutes a day towards a leaner, healthier body.
  • By doing these workouts as instructed, you’ll not only burn fat, but you’ll ensure you stop storing fat as well with my strategic methods that have worked for hundreds, and thousands of women around the world.

Men’s 5-Minute Lean Belly Total Body Workouts

  • These workouts will amp up your testosterone and get you in that fat burning state your body needs to be in for maximum results.
  • In just 5-Minutes a day, you can start seeing noticeable results in your strengthenergy, and fat loss around your midsection.
  • Jump start your fat loss results by using these low-impact workouts and increase natural growth hormone levels by strategically timing your workouts and food intake so that you can have Faster Fat Loss.

This NEW Lean Living Formula Works For ANYONE, At ANY Age In ANY Shape Or Size, Even When…

“I’ve Tried Everything To Lose Weight, Nothing Works!”

I totally understand, and that because there isn’t another simple and practical solution that focuses on turning OFF your master carb hormone without working out for 60 minutes per day, eating no carbs and restricting calories.

Good news for you though, you can turn off your master carb hormone, improve your blood sugar management, to wake up feeling lighter and more energized, starting tomorrow thanks to a magical herbal blend that anyone can enjoy.

Understand, it not your fault. You’re not alone. You were just never given the right information…

“I Always Seem To ‘Start’ a Diet, But Then Quickly Fall Off The Wagon!”

I’ve always hated the word “diet”…

And much like you, staying so rigid to a diet plan seems like a death sentence!

But that’s exactly why this system will be great for you. Next to the Herbal Miracle Belly Blend, I’ve incorporated a very easy to use guide on how you can enjoy your favorite foods so your belly and your brain never feel like caving in and quiting.

This simple solution actually works BETTER when you strategically go “OFF Your Diet” because the variety of delicious foods actually stimulates your hormones and jump starts your metabolism for a leaner body, FASTER.

“‘I’m Simply Too Old, What Am I Really Capable Of At This Point?”

Did you see my 98 year old Grandmother In Law?

All you need is the willingness to live the life you desire and deserve and be able to eat food and you’ll never be too old get that sexy, lean body you want…

You’re not going to do bodybuilding, or joint thrashing workouts…

No Insanely scheduled workout plans that leave no time for anything else…

And certainly no strict diets that having you feeling like crap, killing your metabolism, dropping water weight, and setting you up for a disastrous rebound effect.

All you need to do is a few simple herbal blend tricks and time things right – Easy.

“Just Thinking About The Time & Energy It Takes, Exhausts Me!”

After working with thousands of my gym members and online clients around the world, I can tell you that I’ve heard all about the stressors, fears, limiting factors, and what has prevented people from getting the results they’re looking for…

Most weight loss programs leave you confused, focus on cutting calories, eating insane amounts of veggies, slashing carbs and doing long boring workouts.

The whole process becomes time consuming, and too much to handle for the average person who’s not a gym junkie like the personal trainer who wrote the program.

Instead, you need to maximize your natural circadian rhythm, shut of your fat storing hormone, and force your body to use fat for fuel instead of storing the food you eat on your belly.

You Won’t Find These Keto Detox Miracle Blends From Ecuador ANYWHERE Else

What makes this firm belly maker so unique is that in all my years of being a coach, aspiring athlete and helping so many people find the right resources that will work fast and efficiently…

I’ve never came across a more natural, simple solution.

One that doesn’t require your weight loss goals to become a job and have you “eat less and work more” like most traditional programs.

See, the mainstream media, doctors, and weight loss experts around the world actually get sucked into the same marketing hype that the actual consumer does. Either because they’re naive, or because they see that they can make a quick buck as well…

There’s a much easier and faster solution to losing excess belly flab week after week and shutting off your master carb hormone.

Unless you’ve travelled to places across the world where there’s no other option than to resort to natural methods to owning a lighter and leaner body, you may have never learned about this remedy that you can start using as early as tomorrow.

Today, YOU Too Can Use The Exact Lean Belly Miracle Secrets My Private Clients Pay $175/hour For…

…But For A Fraction Of The Cost

I’m sure you know, good help always comes with cost and to own your dream life and healthy vibrant body would presumably be quite expensive when having all the lean belly secrets placed on your lap within the next 24hrs.

And if you’ve found yourself becoming a statistic to those who start and stop gym memberships and diet programs and continue to struggle year after year as the pounds keep grasping onto your hips and belly, no matter what you try…

Then certainly, a solution that offers you guaranteed results in such little time can’t be cheap!

However, starting now…

For the first and only time, you can get the same rapid fat loss results as those who train with me daily with in-person sessions at a fraction of the cost.

And here’s the good news…

There’s absolutely ZERO risk on your part because…

I’ve Made The Entire Keto Detox System Available For YOU To Try – Risk Free

As a small business owner for the past 10 years, not only do I take pride in what I do and my successes, but I also value what YOU, the customer looks for when making a purchase and getting what you pay for.

That’s why I’ve been able to confidently give you my unheard of guarantee to make sure that you’re 100% satisfied with your results, or you’ll get every penny back.

Keto Detox Drink


Customized Carb Cycling Solution - Ketogenic Detox Trick
Customized Carb Cycling Solution – Ketogenic Detox Trick

Simply put, that means that you can try The Flat Belly Miracle, and if at any point you feel over the next 60 days you feel The Flat Belly Miracle isn’t for you, for any reason whatsoever, you can ask for a prompt, courteous, unconditional refund by contacting our customer support.,

There’s no doubt in my mind that once you commit, and take action on this easy to use system, you will flatten your belly and add vitality to your life for years to come.

That’s why I have no issue giving a 100% Triple Guarantee or your money back, with ALL risk on me.

Check out these Results Driven Guarantees:

Results Driven Guarantee #1: ANY-BODY can do this

This was designed to get ANY body type, of ANY person, at ANY age amazing results.

These flat belly miracle secrets that were stumbled upon while I was in Ecuador will put the lock on your master carb hormone so that you can stop a belly that just keeps getting bigger and bigger, year after year – For good!

Results Driven Guarantee #2: You’ll See Immediate Results

In just a few short days you’ll not only see immediate results on the scale, but you’ll feel the effects of this true blood sugar and hormone-balancing solution.

That’s what makes this lean body solution so amazing and has everyone jumping on the opportunity to try this natural solution.

Results Driven Guarantee #3: You’ll Actually Enjoy It & Keep Motivated

Gone are the days of eating like a bodybuilder to lose weight from eating plain chicken and broccoli 6-times per day, working out for crazy intense minutes and counting calories like it’s your job…

It’s time to focus on adding vitality to your life, working out to feel energized, not dead-tired and waking up leaner, lighter, and healthier so that you can enjoy life they you want it.

By making this smart choice today you’ll find yourself firmly grabbing a hold of your life and making weight loss progress day after day with minimal effort using these secrets, and you’ll never waste your money on another dreadful diet fad.

You Can Feel Relaxed… Knowing That You Can Go Through The Paces Of This Program Before Deciding

When you decide to snag this flat belly miracle blueprint today, you can try it out for the next 60 days on me. If you feel that you didn’t get the value your were looking for, I will personally refund you 100% of your money, no questions asked.

Today you can take full advantage of our unconditional triple backed guarantee for the next 60 days and experience the results you’re looking for. If you don’t get what you’re looking for – you pay nothing.

If You’re Serious About This, Then Acting Today Has It’s Perks With Special Discounts For YOU

Because we’re looking for serious action takers who we know can use our help, just like you…

We want to make this natural belly slimming solution very accessible as we launch this new program…

However, this creates an issue because as website traffic builds and our partners want to promote our new discovery, the cost goes up for everyone.

But right now you have the option to hop on board as we fire this offer out to the public with a massive sale to gain awareness around the globe.

So, today you can gain immediate access to The Flat Belly Miracle for a measly $15 bucks which keeps us producing more copies, giving you updates and the support you need.

Now with that being said, business changes happen, costs are always changing and we cannot guarantee the price will be the same tomorrow.

Gain Access To Your Copy Of The Keto Detox Drink Today and Get Instant Access To The Belly Flattening, Waist Shrinking System at an Amazing 85% OFF

Customized Carb Cycling Solution - Ketogenic Detox Trick
Customized Carb Cycling Solution – Ketogenic Detox Trick

Listen, You’re Now At The Inevitable Crossroads That Every Consumer Faces and You Have But 2-Options

Option #1 – The Road That Leads To More Disappointment

This side of the road is the one that leads you to more disappointment, weight gain, increased frustrations, and future health risks with your aging body…

Blood sugar issues and insulin sensitivity start to control your life, spinning out of control and putting the death grip on every aspect of your life…

As your travel this tough road, you’ll find yourself continually struggling with more unsuccessful bouts of dieting, food deprivation, and lack of motivation, getting you nowhere, and achieving next to nothing…

Your most valued gifts of health and vitality will continue to decline as your belly bulge stays, your waist expands and your self-esteem diminishes further…

Even worse than these devastating problems this road will have you on with your personal health and well-being…

Is the heavy toll it takes on your loved ones, your immediate family and all those who mean the world to you as they watch your health deteriorate, and your true potential in the world go unrealized…

But It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way…

Option #2 – The Road Where You Take Control Of What Matters Most – Your Body, Your Health, Your Life’s Meaning

This is the path you’re looking for…

The road that leads to total control of your health, vitality and longevity because you know that the path you’re taking has been paved by hours of research, used for thousands of years, and the it’s holistic approach you know is best for you.

On this road, your body transformation goals come to fruition, health is restored, your full of energy, free from stress and leading a life that’s full of vigor to spend with your loved ones…

It’s the one path that enables you to experience all that life has to give, do the things that make you happy and enjoy the simple pleasurable things in life including your favorite carbs like bread, potatoes, rice, cereal and bread… without feeling guilty.

By making the decision to take this path you’ll look back with no regret, no guilt and feel like you’ve been freed from all that once tied you down and left you in a state of deprivation and depression.

This is the path that you desire and deserve for yourself…

To Taking Control of Your Life and Making Lasting Changes For What Matters Most…

– Matt Stirling


Customized Carb Cycling Solution - Ketogenic Detox Trick
Customized Carb Cycling Solution – Ketogenic Detox Trick

P.S – Just know that the one thing I can is that over the years I’ve simply practiced what I teach. I’m all-in with what I share and experience life with the health and vitality I aspire for you to have.

But what I do know is this…

The ONLY reason you haven’t gained control of your master carb hormone is because nobody has presented you with a solution that’s easily, practical, natural and fixes the actual problem.

I’ve yet to see another program or solution that address the REAL problems you’re having and why you’ve been struggling for so long.

P.P.S – Remember this…
As you grow older, those very issues I had you read earlier such as Depression, Emotional disorders, Lost productivity, Increased sick time, Increased medical bills, Increased insurance rates, Heart disease , Stroke, Metabolic syndrome, Memory issues, Downregulated brain activity, Alzheimer’s disease, And more…

Will only become worse.

Yet you know that by having this herbal blend in the morning before breakfast that you can reverse these risks in just minutes per day with little to no effort and put the brakes on your waist expanding and belly bulging hormone for good.

P.P.P.S – You Can Rest Assured On Your Decision. You know now that you can try the entire Flat Belly Miracle System for 60 days, risk free. Try this out for yourself and if you don’t get the results you desire, you can get 100% of your money back – no questions asked.

Still Have More Questions?

Sure, We May Have Them Answered Already Below For You

Question: Will this work for someone over 40?

Yes, this formula works very well because it hits your carb storing hormone on the head with a “blocking effect”…

That’s caused by years of consuming a diet that’s loaded of processed, blood-sugar-spiking carbs and added sugars that makes most people not nearly as sensitive to insulin as they used to be in their younger years…

The formula works better for the older less sensitive population by dramatically increasing fat burning capabilities, decreasing blood sugar levels, and decreasing fat storage…

And that’s not all; this flat belly formula can lead to increased performance, improved  sleep, increased recovery time (very important as we age), and decreased muscle soreness.

Question: Is the program easy to follow?

Yes, this is so important to us because value simplicity for our customers. We understand you don’t want to have a difficult time knowing where to start…

Which is why we’ve created the membership site that gives you easy login access to all the guides in an easy-to-follow layout.

Once you pick up the Lean Belly Detox you’ll have instant access to the membership site and “step 1” will be presented to you so that you can start the first module and begin to strip of the belly fat right away.

Question: What about shipping costs?

We’ve kept this very simple, cheap, and easy to access by producing a 100% digital product that you can start implementing immediately after you click the buy now button.

Question: What about auto-billing that I see so many offers try and scam you with?

No, we have other membership programs available but we make those very visible to the buyer so they know exactly what they’re getting when they purchase from us.

Today, you purchase of The Lean Belly Detox will be a measly $15 that will be a one-time-buy that will pay you back for a lifetime – guaranteed.

Question: Okay, so what if this doesn’t work for me???

Once you get your offer and get start with the VIP discounted fee, you have a full 60 days to try this – on me.

If you fail to get the results you desire and deserve, no worries, you can take advantage of the full 60 Day Triple Money Back Guarantee – No Questions Asked!

Question: Will I start seeing immediate results?


Once you begin putting The Lean Belly DetoxTM  ingredients in your body and letting them control your Master Carb Hormone, you’ll begin to notice immediate benefits.

The old school ways of eating less, working out longer, and depriving yourself do NOT work as we get older. It’s not sustainable and only leads to more failure.

By simply implementing this easy to get started way of eating and taking the holistic approach we’ve provided…

You’ll start experiencing your waist size decreasing, belly fat diminishing and your youthful energy will start coming back, day after day, thanks to these unconventional ways that are provided with The Lean Belly Detox system.

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