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The easiest way to organize every bit of information in your life!

Digital Marketing Planner
Digital Marketing Planner

Loaded with tons of forms, checklists,
logs and information sheets
to help you organize
every aspect of your life!

Get Organized Now!™
Easy Organizer

by Maria Gracia

Dear friend,

Drowning in a sea of paper and scattered information?

With everything you have going on in your life it is very easy to feel overwhelmed. Whether you are single, married, raising a family, have your own business, or are a stay-at-home mom, there are a lot of tasks to do, and so many things to remember.

Because it’s impossible to stay on top of everything going on without writing things down, people are getting inundated with more and more paper every day.

You have to remember a birthday, so that gets written on a calendar. You have to make a grocery list, so you scribble down a few items and stick the list on the fridge. Someone gives you a phone number, and it gets written in the address book. You’re planning your garden, and that information is stored in a notebook. You want to keep track of the movies you want to see, or the books you want to read–another sheet of paper. A friend gives you an email address on a sticky note that is now attached to your computer monitor.

Paper, paper and more paper–and it’s all over your home or office!

Information is getting lost. Appointments are missed. Goals aren’t being met. And all of this adds up to chaos and frustration.

The problem with what’s available on the market

Up until now, people have had to make do with what is available on the market. A calendar. An address book. Multiple notebooks. Sticky notes. Planners with nothing more than a calendar, To Do list and maybe an area to jot down some birthdays.

Some planners can run anywhere from $50 to $100, and you hardly get anything in them.

Even many of the PDA’s (personal digital assistants) and software programs available, are of very little help.

One of my friends uses a handheld computer. One day I timed how long it took her to enter a name, address and phone number into the device–over 7 minutes! She had to enter one character at a time with a little stick-like device. And you call this progress? I could have had all that information written or typed in less than 1 minute!

At last, one simple system to organize all of your information!

For over a year, I contemplated how I was going to solve this problem, once and for all! I did a lot of research and a lot of information gathering. I spoke to customers, family, friends and associates to find out what would make their lives easier.

And then suddenly, it hit me. I had to do something to get all of the information into one place. It needed to be a cinch to use. It had to have the ability to store information that almost everyone needs to have handy. And it had to be cost-effective.

It took some time, but after researching, tweaking, testing and evaluating, I was finally able to develop a system that I’m thrilled to say is easy-to-use, comprehensive, organized and low-priced!

And I called it, the Get Organized Now!™ Easy Organizer.

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I have to write and tell you what I’ve been doing. I have been using your Easy Organizer to the fullest. I think every home manager should go to her Easy Organizer every day and see what comes next.

I am using the chore chart for my family to see what needs to be done and see what I’ve done so far. Even though I am at home all day, I want my daughters to know how to do laundry and learn to keep a neat home and environment for family and friends to see!

In section 2 of the Easy Organizer, the Daily Planner helps me to say, ‘No, I don’t have time for that.’ I can see how my day is going to go. I just want to thank you again!

Thanks so much!

Valerie Rowlls
Lafayette, GA

Why you’ll save lots of money

As I mentioned earlier, most planners on the market offer a calendar, and a few very basic forms, such as a To Do list and a calendar. That’s not worth the amount of money most of these planners go for–some $50, some $100, some even more than that!Then, the makers of these products make even more money off of you, since you have to keep purchasing expensive refill pages. This could add up to hundreds of dollars!The average hand-held computers on the market cost a few hundred dollars–I’ve seen some for $500 and $700. Wow, that’s an awful lot of money.On the other hand, the Get Organized Now!™ Easy Organizer is the most complete planning and organizing system available on the market. And you can print your own pages right on your own printer–any day you’d like . . . forever, at no extra cost to you!Click Here to Order Only $31.95
Digital Marketing Planner
Digital Marketing Planner

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I am very happy with the Easy Organizer! It definitely is more complete and encompassing than any other organizer I’ve ever used. Thanks!

Denise Caporale
Dobbs Ferry, NY

You’ll benefit from my organizing experience!

What qualifies me to help you get organized? To start, I worked for 10 years with Dun and Bradstreet’s Nielsen Media Research in New York City as an organizing and management specialist. Throughout my tenure, I managed the data analysis department, worked with hundreds of television stations and advertising agencies, and developed effective, productive systems for my clients and staff.In 1996, I moved to Wisconsin, and founded Get Organized Now!™ I have literally helped thousands of individuals and businesses get organized since then. In fact, my Get Organized Now!™ Web site is visited by nearly a million people per year, and I have close to 100,000 subscribers on my newsletter listJust to name a few, I have appeared at, wrote for, or have been interviewed by hundreds of international, national and local media and organizations such as:

  • Fox 6 News WITI-TV Milwaukee
  • KNEV Radio: The New Mix 95.5 Morning Show
  • 11 Alive News WXIA-TV Atlanta
  • Fox 6 News WOWT-TV: Discover Omaha
  • WJR Radio 760 AM: The Internet Advisor
  • FM 89.3 KPCC Nat’l Public Radio, Talk of the City
  • WQIK-FM 99.1 Radio, Jacksonville, FL, Morning Show
  • WKZK Radio, Augusta, Marilyn Joyce Motivational Talk Show
  • Woman’s Day Magazine
  • Country Living Magazine
  • First for Women Magazine
  • Woman’s World
  • Kitchen and Bath Ideas Magazine
  • Milwaukee Business Journal
  • Barnes and Noble, Milwaukee, WI
  • Staples Office Supplies Stores Business Expert
  • Delta Connections Magazine
  • Lifestyles Magazine of Orlando
  • Venice Gulf Coast Living
  • The News-Sun and The Evening Star
  • Opportunity World Magazine
  • Access Magazine

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We use our Easy Organizer every day. Now when my husband says, ‘What am I suppose to do today?’ I say look in the Easy Organizer. Thanks so much!

Martha Dove

Inside the Get Organized Now!™ Easy Organizer
you’ll find forms, checklists, logs and information sheets for…

 Family, Friends and Associates

  • Family Info
  • Pet Info
  • Important Phone Numbers
  • Frequently Called Numbers
  • Address/Phone Directory
  • Babysitter’s Checklist

 Goals and Planning


  • Major Goals
  • Mini Goals
  • Goals Progress
  • Daily Planner
  • Weekly Planner
  • Monthly Planner
  • Time Log
  • Master List
  • Daily To Do List
  • Projects Plans and Progress

 Personal Growth and Reflection


  • Journal
  • Great Ideas
  • My Wish List
  • Daily Prayer List
  • Special Prayer Requests
  • Spirit Lifters
  • Decision Making Worksheet

 Home, Garden and Auto


  • Home Maintenance
  • Home Repairs
  • Household Appliances
  • Gardening-Master
  • Gardening-Flowers
  • Gardening-Plants
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Mileage Record



  • Home Inventory
  • Book Inventory
  • Video/DVD Inventory
  • Audio Inventory
  • Lenders/Borrowers Reminder
  • Photograph Documentation

 Food and Shopping


  • Groceries-Filled
  • Groceries-Blank
  • Meal Planner
  • Recipe Instructions
  • Mail/Internet Order Record
  • Monthly Spending Record

 Cleaning and Chores


  • Family Chore Chart-Filled
  • Family Chore Chart-Blank
  • Kids Schedule
  • Cleaning Checklist
  • Cleaning Schedule

 Health, Exercise and Medical


  • Balanced Diet Log
  • Nutrition Worksheet
  • Nutrition Summary
  • Exercise Log
  • Walking Log
  • Quick Health Info
  • Doctor Visits
  • Medication Schedule
  • Temporary Medication Log

 Things to Do


  • People to Visit or Contact
  • Places to Go
  • Books to Read
  • Movies to See
  • Restaurants to Visit
  • Calls to Make
  • Television Schedule
  • Instructions Checklist

 Special Occasions


  • Birthdays
  • Special Occasions
  • Gift Ideas
  • Party Planner
  • Holiday Card Record



  • E-mail Log
  • Web site Log
  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer Software

 Vacation and Travel


  • Packing Checklist
  • Travel Expenses
  • Traveler’s Emergency Info
  • Vacation Schedule
  • 10-Minute Vacations

 Meetings and Presentations


  • Presentation Outline
  • Meeting Planner
  • Meeting Agenda
  • Meeting Notes

 Home Office and Business


  • Office Supplies
  • File Folder Maps
  • Contacts
  • Marketing Schedule
  • Marketing Results
  • Customer Data
  • Referral Log
  • Training Log
  • Delegation Log

 Your Ideas and Reordering


  • Re-order Form
  • Your Ideas and Suggestions

Click Here to Order Only $31.95

I just received your Easy Organizer this week. I really love it!

I had bought a new organizer last June, but I was always unhappy because it had very little in it, for the high price I paid.

Plus, it was too small. The Easy Organizer solved all of my problems! In fact, it even included some cool categories that I hadn’t even thought about.

This organizer is AWESOME!

Randi Dalton
Emporia, KS

You won’t believe how organized you’ll be when you start using your Get Organized Now!™ Easy Organizer!

Now you can get the
digital Version of the
Get Organized Now!™ Easy Organizer
for only $31.95
You’ll receive downloading instructions for your PDF file via email within minutes. You can then view your product on your computer, or print it out on your printer.

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The Easy Organizer is just that–it’s so easy. I’ve got lists now in one place that before I’d been carrying around in my head, my pockets, around my desk, in the kitchen…

Before I had post-it notes all over the place. Now they’re in the Easy Organizer. A lot of great ideas and important information have been lost in the shuffle before this!

I love this thing. Knowing where to find things right away and having a very simple way of entering the info–many kinds, in many forms–is such a relief.

This was a great investment! Thanks so much!

Mary Hannick
Seattle, WA

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so sure you’ll love the Get Organized Now!™ Easy Organizer that it comes with a 60-Day Money Back guarantee.
If you don’t feel our package has delivered everything we promised, then we don’t want to keep your money. Simply send an e-mail asking for a refund to Please include your order number in the email.Click Here to Order Only $31.95
I just got my Easy Organizer and I already love it. I can tell it is going to be a BIG help. Thanks so much for making it available.

Pam Ivey

Quick and Easy!
You’ll receive downloading instructions for your PDF file via email within minutes. You can then view your product on your computer, or print it out on your printer.Only $31.95, No S&H!

Digital Marketing Planner
Digital Marketing Planner

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Author: Wikishopline Staff