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Here’s The Secret To Becoming A Great Copywriter, Making Great Money From Your Writing, And Having Clients Virtually Beat Down Your Door.

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If you’re looking for a way to make money from writing…

Here’s The Secret To Becoming A Great Copywriter, Making Great Money From Your Writing, And Having Clients Virtually Beat Down Your Door.

   Special Report by Paul Hancox 

How would you like to be part of an industry where…

  • There’s always a big demand for your services, regardless of the state of the economy?…
  • You’re the boss… you can get up when you want, and finish whenever you want?…
  • You can do it wherever you like – at home, in an office, or even from the beach?
  • There’s no fixed upper limit to the money you could make, depending on your skills?

It might sound too good to be true, but there IS an industry where all of this can happen.

It’s the world of copywriting.

copywriter is someone who writes persuasive sales material. This form of writing is called “copy.” As long as you can write reasonably well, and have the skills I’ll show you, you could become a copywriter.

The facts are…

(1) Good copywriters are always in demand.

Millions of new businesses are started each year, and they all need sales. Great “copy” from a skilled copywriter can turn readers into buyers.

(2) You can write “copy” just about anywhere.

You can write from your computer at home, from a laptop in a Starbucks, or even the beach or countryside! You can do it part time or full time, it’s up to you.

(3) There’s no real limit to what you could make.

Some of the world’s top copywriters have made literally millions of dollars a year. (I’ll tell you their secrets later on.)

But I want to be completely straight with you. It’s highly unlikely you’ll get anywhere close to that to begin with. Not impossible, just unlikely.

New copywriters might charge $500 or $1,000 to write a sales letter like the one you’re reading now.

More experienced copywriters might charge $2k, $5k or even $10k… and some negotiate a % of the sales revenue, which can really add up for big selling products.

So the question is…

How can YOU become a copywriter… and what’s the quickest, easiest and best route to making good money from copywriting?

First of all, you need to understand…

Despite What They Say, Here’s Why The
Classic Books And Courses Are Probably
The Worst Ways To Master Copywriting

There are hundreds of copywriting books out there… but they have major drawbacks, if you want to QUICKLY become a highly paid copywriter.

(1) A book can’t give you the critical feedback you need, so you know how you’re doing. Without feedback, it’s easy to make mistakes, develop weaknesses and fall into bad habits.

(2) It can’t keep you motivated. It can’t give you a pat on the back when you’re doing well, or a kick up the rear end when you need it! With a book, you’re on your own.

(3) The so-called “classic” copywriting books were written in a different era… usually before the Internet, and almost certainly before all the breakthroughs in consumer psychology we’ve seen over the past 5-10 years.

(4) It’s likely to end up gathering dust on the shelf. That 500 page copywriting “classic” can be a handy reference for how to sell in the 1970’s… but you need to wade through it all to fully benefit from it.

(5) OR you’ll try and “cram” it all at once into your brain. Ever tried eating a month’s worth of food in one day? Didn’t think so. It doesn’t work for your stomach, and the same is true for your brain. You can’t cram if you want to get GOOD at copywriting.

(6) They don’t reveal their best secrets. Copywriters tend to hold back in their books. I know, because I’ve read many of them. They’re not going to reveal their “trade secrets” in a $30 mass market book!

(7) You don’t get to see the “raw” copy or drafts. Copywriting veteran Joseph Sugarman says writing copy is like turning rough coal into a smooth diamond. Most books only show you the final copy, so you never get to see the messy PROCESS of turning coal into diamonds.

By the way, most of this also applies to the DVDs and seminars put out by veteran copywriters.

In some ways, the situation is worse. You’re usually paying anywhere from $500 to $3,000 for those.

The DVDs are usually seminar recordings… and there can be a lot of filler, as the copywriter spends a long time tackling questions from members of the audience who are the slowest to catch on.

You can be left with the feeling that a 10 hour DVD set could have been boiled down to 2-3 hours of solid material, IF they trimmed the fat… but I guess they wouldn’t be able to charge quite as much!

Of course, with DVDs, you’re passively watching or listening to the information, so there’s no opportunity to practice and get feedback.

When you write your first piece of copy, having an expert to provide you with reliable feedback is a MUST… and a pre-recorded set of DVDs can’t give you that.

Even in a live seminar setting, the host can’t usually spend more than a few minutes with each person. In other words, forget about them reviewing your drafts and final copy!

So let’s talk about…


The Quickest And Best Way To
Become A Highly Paid Copywriter

There’s simply no way round it.

If you want to QUICKLY become a copywriter who could make a lot of money, you need…


  • In-depth and up-to-date training on each of the skills needed to write persuasive copy,
  • Practice, along with expert feedback, on all stages of the copywriting process, from figuring out who the target audience is, and what they want… right through to the final draft, and…
  • Someone to give you the motivation to keep going, especially during those times when you might be tempted to throw in the towel.

Let me show you how to get all of this.

My name’s Paul Hancox, and I’ve been writing sales copy for about 20 years now.

Behind the scenes, I’ve written for people you’ve probably never heard of, along with celebrity names such as Chicken Soup For The Soul co-creator Jack Canfield, real estate guru Robert G Allen, and veteran speaker and marketing expert Brian Tracy.

Since 2010, I’ve also been coaching new copywriters. At first, it was mainly to keep my own copywriting skills sharp… but I soon found that I really enjoyed training others.

I came to see all the mistakes made by new students. One of the biggest ones made by a handful of them was… trying to rush through the training.

I understand why they did it. It’s human nature to want results NOW. We call it “instant gratification.”

The ones who rushed wanted to be stupendously paid great copywriters, practically overnight!

These were the ones who spent much longer writing sales letters, because their drafts were much weaker.

The truth is…

It’s quite easy to get a superficial knowledge of what’s going on in a sales letter.

That’s why reading a book can fool you into thinking you know how to write great copy.

Let me put it like thisWould you have brain surgery from a guy who’d just finished reading “How To Perform Brain Surgery” the week before?

Of course not!

Now, copywriting will rarely be as dramatic or life-threatening as poking around with someone’s brain!… but to get good still takes time, practice, and expert feedback and guidance.

Most copywriters will tell you it takes YEARS to achieve mastery… but my goal has been to cut that learning curve down to just months.

I wanted to make the process of “getting good” as fast and effective as possible, making sure you have the feedback, training and motivation you need…

… and just as important… I wanted to keep it affordable, just a small monthly cost rather than an enormous lump sum you’d have to slap down at the start.

After all, not everyone can afford the outrageous fees some copywriters charge for personal mentoring. (We’re usually talking thousands of dollars. One even charges $10k for a 2 hour phone call with him!)

That’s why I want to introduce you to the Ultimate Copywriting membership program.

It’s the fastest and most effective way of MASTERING the highly valuable skill of copywriting.


Here’s A Quick Overview Of How It Works.

  • It’s a MONTHLY program, lasting for 12 months.
  • Each month you’ll have access to 3 new Training Modules in downloadable PDF format. I’ve chosen this pace, because it’s the speed that produces the best results for new studentsThese modules are the heart of the training program.
  • Most modules contains what I call a “Mission”… a fun assignment, designed to allow you to practice what you’ve learned. Send back your Mission results to me, and I’ll give you personal feedback. This is a critical aspect of learning to become a good copywriter fast!
  • Many of the earlier Missions are designed so you can put together your first practice sales letter. But don’t worry… I’ll be there for you every step of the way.
  • Each month you’ll have access to 2-3 new “Copywriting Breakdown” videos, where I analyze some of the best copy around, including a mix of classic and modern sales letters.
  • Starting from Month 4, you’ll have access to new “Watch Me Write!” videos, where you get to see me write entire sales letters – including drafts – from scratch!
  • Your membership includes 4 “Deep Critiques. (This service is available from Month 4.) One “Deep Critique” includes feedback and analysis on up to 5 drafts of a sales letter you’re writing. I recommend you use these critiques to write and get feedback on practice sales letters, before you go “live” with clients.


Here’s What Makes This Program
Completely Unique.

You won’t get this kind of copywriter training anywhere else, and here’s 5 big reasons why:

(1) It’s based on my unique “Agreement Point System”… which I developed personally, after studying the latest scientific findings on what moves people to buy.

Research over the last 5-10 years shows that the order in which you present information to people, and the context, makes a BIG difference to how they respond.

All of the “classic” copywriting books were written well before this research was discovered, so they don’t take advantage of the new knowledge. My “Agreement Point System” for copywriters does. It’s based on what works NOW, not what worked in the 1970’s!

(2) I have a unique approach to training, which I call “Layered Learning.”

It’s the result of my 7+ years as a copywriting coach, which has involved a learning curve for me as well.

At times, I’ve had to explain things a little differently, before a student has that “Ahh… I get it!” moment. (By the way, that’s another reason you need personal training. If you don’t understand a point, you can always ask!)

It’s caused me to keep coming up with newer and better ways to help students grasp important copywriting concepts and techniques.

One method of my “Layered Learnning” approach is to stealthily introduce a technique to you in advance, before I “officially” teach it to you.

A simple example would be: writing headlines and subheadlines in the modules, as if I’m writing copy… before I officially teach you “How To Write Great Headlines.”

This allows the deeper part of your brain to more easily understand the concepts involved, when I formally introduce them to you.

Actually, I do this a lot… for most of the techniques and concepts I’ll be teaching you, but you might not notice the first time round.

As well as helping you learn faster, it also means you’ll learn even more, when you decide to re-read the training modules!

I’ve literally spent YEARS perfecting this “Layered Learning” approach, which is another reason why this program is unique… and as you’ll see, it’s totally worth it.

It achieves several things…

  • It keeps you motivated and eager to learn more,
  • It gives you a much deeper understanding of important concepts,
  • It teaches you at multiple levels of your brain.

(3) You get to see the raw, messy underbelly of the copywriting process.

Most books only show you the end results… the sparkling diamond of winning copy that’s been shaped from the rough coal.

But that’s only giving you half the story!

Truth is, writing copy is a messy business. Even the top copywriters write multiple drafts… and if you saw their first efforts, you’d probably think, “What the ***** is this?!”

I think it’s important to show you it all… the ugly first drafts as well as the final sparkling copy. That’s a vital part of the learning process.

I’ll show you some of my sales letters, along with the embarrasing early drafts… AND from Month 4, I’ll write some fresh ones for you, right on video, including the drafts!

With 7 years of copywriter coaching under my belt, I’ve also seen a LOT of ugly drafts from students. I hate to break it to you, but your first draft will probably be just as ugly.

But don’t worry… that’s absolutely fine. It’s why we call them “drafts”!

I’ll show you some of the mistakes made by previous students, so you can avoid making them. (I don’t mention names, because my purpose isn’t to embarrass anybody. I’ll show you plenty of my own mistakes as well!)

Most important of all… as part of your training, I’ll show you how to turn your messy first draft into something that a client would love.

(4) You get EXPERT feedback, and motivation.

Did I mention the importance of feedback? I think I might have done!

But it’s not just about any old feedback. I’ve seen people post their copywriting drafts onto marketing forums and ask for feedback.

Sure, you’ll get dozens of responses… but much of the “helpful” advice you’ll get will be contradictory, based on guesswork, from a mix of amateurs and experts. It can leave you confused, and doubting your own abilities!

My feedback is based not only on 20 years of experience, but also on working with you on the copy right from the start – so we both have a good understanding of the product, the target audience, their hopes and fears… and so on.

This is something you can’t get from a bunch of random people on an Internet forum.

(5) I’ll help you get clients.

Once you have the copywriting skills and practice, the next step is to get clients and start writing for money.

I’ll show you what to do, and what to say, to land clients and negotiate with them… and I’ll spill the beans on the secrets of the highest paid copywriters.


Here’s A Sneak Peek At What You’ll Learn
As You Train
 To Become A Highly Respected,
Highly Paid Copywriter
 In The Months Ahead.


  • In Module 1, I’ll introduce you to perhaps the most powerful copywriting and selling skill, that nobody talks about in those “classic” books. Master this ONE SKILL, and you’re already part of the way toward becoming a great copywriter.
  • The four “levels” to why people buy. Features and benefits really just scratch the surface.
  • Discover my unique “Agreement Point System” to build agreement with the reader, so they’re ready to say “Yes!” by the end. It’s not about silly gimmicks like tacking on “right?” at the end of a sentence. It’s much, much deeper… and based on scientific insights into how people act.
  • I’ll give you a DOZEN different ways to begin a sales letter, so you’ll never be stuck getting started.
  • My exclusive “Ultimate Bullet Builder” system shows you how to create bullet points that leave your readers practically LUSTING for your product.
  • Discover my unique “Word Weaponry” strategy, that enables you to implant ideas in people’s minds in an almost “covert” way. (NLP junkies… no, it’s nothing to do with “embedded commands.”) Warning: I will ONLY teach it to you if you promise to use it with care and compassion, because it’s like word dynamite!

… and much, much more.


So What’s The Price?

First, here’s a quick question for you:

How much would it be worth to YOU, to become a great copywriter… writing powerful copy that makes you and your clients money?

Even a brand new copywriter can charge hundreds of dollars for a single sales letter, and top copywriters charge $5,000 or more… and even get paid royalties on the sales!

When you think about it, people spend $30,000 or more on so-called “higher” education, usually with no guarantee of a job at the end of it.

By contrast, you can learn copywriting in the comfort of your own home, at a fraction of the cost… and you could be making money as a copywriter just months from now.

Coaching is very labor intensive. I guess that’s why universities charge so much, and why some copywriters charge their outrageous mentoring fees.

But because I’ve streamlined the whole training and feedback process, I can price this Ultimate Copywriting membership program at a point where it’s an affordable and worthwhile investment.

Right now, it’s only $99 a month plus VAT or sales tax, for 12 months… which is really nothing compared to what you could be making shortly as a copywriter.

I plan to add many more tools to this membership program over time, so I don’t intend to keep the price this low forever.

What’s more…


Try It Out Completely Risk-Free.

I know you’re going to love this Ultimate Copywriting program, and I’m eager to start your training as soon as possible. After all, the sooner you start, the sooner you could be making money.

That’s why I’m willing to offer you the following rock-solid guarantee:

Come and join us today. Read through the training modules. Watch the videos. Take advantage of the missions, and my feedback. If you don’t think this membership program is for you, let me know by email or through the Helpdesk within the first 60 days, and I’ll happily give you 100% of your money back.

That means you get to try it out completely risk-free for the first 60 days!

Of course, you can also cancel your membership at any time.

Please note: The only thing you can’t do is use the Deep Critique service within the first 90 days, because it takes up a lot of my time to read through and critique drafts… so it’s only fair that I know you’re not signing up just to take advantage of these free critiques!

Now Is The Perfect Time To
Take The Next Step.

You’ve read this far, which means you’re interested in becoming a copywriter, and you appreciate that copywriting can be a great way of making money.

You also recognize that books and DVD courses aren’t going to give you the feedback and motivation you need, to MASTER the skill of writing copy.

My Ultimate Copywriting membership program is uniquely positioned to give you a massive advantage, compared with trying to become a copywriter by yourself, with a book.

It took me 20 years to discover all the insights I’m about to share with you. Leverage my knowledge and experience, by taking advantage of this program… giving you all the shortcuts to break into the world of copywriting in just a matter of months.

Of course, you can’t become a great copywriter overnight. It takes some time and practice… but you can speed up the process with my help, feedback and encouragement.

In other words, the sooner you get started, the sooner you can be making money from your investment.

To qualify for this coaching, you only need to be able to write reasonably well in English, and have a determination to succeed.

Click on the order button below, and let’s continue this journey together.


Ultimate Copywriting
Ultimate Copywriting

Your initial payment is $99 (plus sales tax or VAT as applicablefor the first 30 days of access, and then $99 (plus sales tax or VAT as applicableper month after that, for a total of 12 payments. You can cancel your membership at any time.

Once your payment is complete, you can download Month 1’s content immediately. You will be sent log-in details to the Members Area by email, usually within 1-2 business days. If you have any problems, you can use the contact form quoting your ClickBank order number.


Frequently Asked Questions

– “How long does this program last?”

The program lasts for 12 months, but you can cancel your membership at any time.

I’ve designed it so you can have a solid, deep understanding of what I call the “Core Skills,” and plenty of practice, within about 6-9 months.

I’ve reserved more “advanced” techniques for after the first 6 months. In my original coaching program, I used to teach them earlier, but most students didn’t apply them as effectively as they could, because they were also busy learning and practicing the Core Skills.

That’s why the “advanced” ideas now come later on. Master the Core Skills first, and then you’ll be in a better position to master the Advanced skills.

– “Do I need any copywriting experience?”

No. The program assumes you have no prior experience of copywriting. All that is required is the ability to write reasonably well in English, and a determination to succeed.

– “How does the coaching work?”

Each Training Module comes with a “Mission,” an assignment that allows you to practice what you’ve learned. You send the Mission to me via the Helpdesk in the membership area, and I aim to give feedback within 2-3 business days (i.e. Monday to Friday).

The same is true when it comes to writing practice sales letters using the Deep Critique service. You send me the drafts usually via the Helpdesk, or sometimes via email. I aim to respond within 2-4 business days for practice sales letters, and within 1-2 business days if it’s copy intended for an actual client.

– “Will you help me to get clients?”

I’ll show you what to do, and what to say, to land clients and negotiate with them, and to find higher paying clients. In future, I do intend to include services that can help you get clients directly.

– “How much money can I make?”

The simple answer is: I don’t know. I don’t make ANY income claims or promises, because much of it is in your hands. If you do nothing with what you learn, you’ll earn ZERO.

At the other end of the spectrum, I’ve known copywriters who charge $10k for a single sales letter like the one you’ve just read, and who also get a cut of the final sales, which can be quite substantial.

These figures aren’t typical. I can show you their secrets, and how they did it. I can give you the knowledge, tools and feedback, but I can’t magically make you one of them. It all depends on what you DO with what you learn.

Also, there’s no “standard” copywriting fee table, because what you charge is up to you.

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