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Hotels Lalibella: Popularity (16-02-2020 - 31-12-2021)

HotelStarsRatingPrice per nightSelect dates
Lal Hotel & Spa★★★7.930 780 View hotel
Top Twelve Hotel - Lalibela★★★941 984 View hotel
Merkeza Guest House9.217 100 View hotel
Blue Nile Guest House913 680 View hotel
Sora Lodge Lalibela★★★039 398 View hotel
Red Rock Lalibela Hotel7.717 114 View hotel
Panoramic View Hotel★★★8.322 900 View hotel
Zan-Seyoum Hotel★★★032 832 View hotel
Lalibela Apartments028 249 View hotel
Harbe Hotel039 672 View hotel
Selam Guest House★★★8.423 940 View hotel
Honey Land Hotel Lalibela★★★8.817 100 View hotel
Alef Paradise Hotel014 624 View hotel
Torpedo Hotel8.1View hotel
Ben Abeba Lodge & Tukul035 568 View hotel
Mini Lalibela Guest House9View hotel
Holidays Hotel Lalibela8.931 190 View hotel
Zagwe Hotel★★★037 969 View hotel
Lalibela Homestay8.88 208 View hotel
Tabor Hotel Lalibela★★★8.938 988 View hotel

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