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Clockwise from top left:View of night in Chiayi, Chiayi Confucius Temple, Fountain at the Lantan Reservoir, Chiayi City Sports Arena, Chiayi Sun Shooting Tower, Chiayi National University

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Hotels Chiayi City: Popularity (23 February 2020 - 31 December 2021)

HotelStarsRatingPrice per nightSelect dates
Chiayi Maison de Chine Hotel★★★★9.1-View Hotel
Sun Dialogue Hotel-By Cosmos Creation★★★★8.8-View Hotel
Chiayi Look Hotel★★★★8.2-View Hotel
Royal Chiayi Hotel★★★★8.5-View Hotel
Travel Art Inn★★★8.7-View Hotel
Hotelday + Day Plus Hotel★★★★8.2-View Hotel
South Urban Hotel★★★★8.7-View Hotel
ML Hotel★★★★8.7-View Hotel
Tsun Huang Hotel★★★★8.1-View Hotel
Chiayi Guanzhi Hotel★★★★8.6-View Hotel
Hotel Day Plus Teascape★★★★8.3-View Hotel
Hsin Hotel★★★★★8.6-View Hotel
Light Hostel8-View Hotel
Guanko Hotel★★★★8.1-View Hotel
HOTEL HI- Chui-Yang★★★★8-View Hotel
Park Motel★★★8-View Hotel
Jin Ji Homestay8.2-View Hotel
Tara 塔拉Guest House8-View Hotel
嘉義泊岸居民宿9.2-View Hotel
Yue Lai Ju Homestay8.5-View Hotel

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