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Hotels Kaohsiung: Popularity

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
Grand Hi Lai Hotel★★★★★View hotel
Kaohsiung Chateau de Chine Hotel★★★★View hotel
WO Hotel★★★★View hotel
Hotel DuaView hotel
Kindness Hotel - Kaohsiung Main Station★★★View hotel
Hotel Midtown Richardson - Kaohsiung Bo'ai★★★★View hotel
Ambassador Hotel Kaohsiung★★★★★View hotel
City Suites - Kaohsiung Chenai★★★★View hotel
The Howard Plaza Hotel Kaohsiung★★★★★View hotel
Backpackers Inn - KaohsiungView hotel
Han Hsien International Hotel★★★★★View hotel
Jia's Inn-Liouhe★★★★View hotel
Kindness Hotel Liouhe Night Market ZhongzhenView hotel
PAPO’A HOTEL★★★View hotel
Just Sleep Kaohsiung Zhongzheng★★★★View hotel
Just Sleep Kaohsiung Station★★★★View hotel
Brio Hotel★★★★View hotel
Hotel Indigo Kaohsiung Central Park, an IHG Hotel★★★★View hotel
J-HOTEL★★★★View hotel
Apato CityhomeView hotel

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