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Hotels Ulan-Ude: Popularity (27 February 2020 - 31 December 2021)

HotelStarsRatingPrice per nightSelect dates
Ulan Hotel★★★8.9-View Hotel
Hotel Mergen Bator★★★★★9.1-View Hotel
Baikal Plaza★★★★8.8-View Hotel
Buryatia Hotel★★★8.5-View Hotel
Praga Hotel★★★8.5-View Hotel
Hotel Menshikov★★★8.4-View Hotel
Ulan-Ude Park Hotel★★★8.5-View Hotel
Siberia Hotel★★★★8.5-View Hotel
Marrakesh Hotel★★★★8.3-View Hotel
Hotel Sagaan Morin★★★★8.3-View Hotel
Khutorok Hotel★★★8.1-View Hotel
Relax★★8.1-View Hotel
Odon Hotel★★★7.9-View Hotel
Galas Hotel★★★★7.8-View Hotel
Аян Отель★★7.7-View Hotel
Hotel Barguzin★★7.2-View Hotel
Beliy Parus Hotel★★6.3-View Hotel
Reston Hotel & Spa★★★★9.1-View Hotel
BOSTON7.8-View Hotel
Tikhaya Gavan Hotel★★0-View Hotel

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