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Hotels Marsa Alam: Popularity (12-04-2020 - 31-12-2021)

HotelStarsRatingPrice per nightSelect dates
Fantazia Resort Marsa Alam★★★★★9168 490 View hotel
Brayka Bay Reef Resort★★★★8.759 002 View hotel
Rayhana Guest House★★★8.625 835 View hotel
Gemma Resort★★★★★8.890 834 View hotel
AMBASSADOR HOUSE8.933 895 View hotel
The Oasis★★★8.893 336 View hotel
Aurora Bay Resort Marsa Alam★★★★835 999 View hotel
Bliss Abo Nawas Resort - All Inclusive★★★★864 315 View hotel
Deep Blue inn★★★7.847 431 View hotel
Blue Vision Diving Hotel7.4View hotel
Marsa Shagra Village★★★7.786 909 View hotel
Elphistone Resort Marsa Alam★★★★7.533 969 View hotel
Nubian Inn Marsa★★★★6.758 215 View hotel
Marsa Nakari Village★★★072 650 View hotel
Comfy apt by Sentido Marsa Alam032 011 View hotel
Abou Dabbab Diving Lodge Marsa ALAM★★★8.2View hotel
The Nest for Divers and Snorkelers and Travellers العش022 078 View hotel
Solitaire Resort★★★★7.9View hotel
Cataract Marsa Alam★★★★055 250 View hotel
Light House034 521 View hotel

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