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Hotels Cap Haitien: Popularity (23-04-2020 - 31-12-2021)

HotelStarsRatingPrice per nightSelect dates
Hotel Mont Joli★★★7.895 139 View hotel
Hotel Imperial6.649 360 View hotel
Hôtel du Roi Christophe★★★7.692 667 View hotel
Cormier Plage Resort★★★0View hotel
Le Paradis S. Hotel077 742 View hotel
Beau Rivage Hotel074 657 View hotel
Kay Francklin Inn★★★0View hotel
Satama Hotel★★★★8.6111 510 View hotel
Rival Hotel★★★061 700 View hotel
Metro Residences Hotel034 552 View hotel
Habitation Des Lauriers★★★★8.886 490 View hotel
Vue Apartment Hotel★★★7.558 763 View hotel
habitation jouissant0View hotel
Residence Royale Hôtel★★★5.773 516 View hotel
PLUXOTEL0View hotel
Pablo Guess House8.630 850 View hotel
Ecole Les Poupons★★026 531 View hotel
The State hotel0View hotel
Le Grand Hotel Beck0View hotel
Les Jardins De L'Ocean0View hotel

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